About us

Tehnološki park Vinkovci d.o.o. is a company founded with the purpose of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in Vinkovci, but also in the entire Vukovar–Srijem County.

The purpose of Tehnološki park Vinkovci is to establish an incubation center for innovative technological start-ups, establish mechanisms for improving the existing technologically innovative companies, improve the transfer of knowledge from schools and development centers to the economy, networking of companies, educational institutions, development agencies and innovative individuals, as well as change the perception towards innovativeness as a foundation of the new economy.


To stimulate the development of technologically innovative projects as a foundation of starting and developing companies and the entire economy.


To make the business incubator of Tehnološki park Vinkovci recognizable as a desirable entrepreneurial environment for developing an innovative and competitive technological entrepreneurship.


The activity of Tehnološki park Vinkovci is focused on innovative technology companies. The purpose is to use the incubation process to help the companies being founded, as well as those already founded and belong to this group.