Lease of business premises within Tehnološki park Vinkovci:

  • First year of the lease 0% of the market lease price of 6 EUR/m²
  • Second year of the lease 25% of the market lease price of 6 EUR/m²
  • Third year of the lease 50% of the market lease price of 6 EUR/m²
  • Fourth year of the lease 75% of the market lease price of 6 EUR/m²
  • Fifth year of the lease 100% of the market lease price of 6 EUR/m²

Overhead expenses:

  • The price of the overhead expenses for all five years of leasing is 2 EUR/m²
  • Overhead expenses include heating, cooling, electricity, fax machine, cleaning (not including work desks), office internet, use of the meeting room, conference room and the related equipment

Bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • Accounting, bookkeeping and legal services provided at the price of 30% below market value

After ensuring that the applicant meets all the conditions for initiating the process of incubation, there will be an assessment of the necessary business premises. It is assumed that 10 m² is typically necessary for every workplace. Deviations are possible in specific cases, for example, where there is only one person employed, due to the lack of such small rooms, or if the business activities in question are very specific (laboratories, practicums, etc.) which requires the reason of the different treatment to be documented in writing.


  • The full market price is the price paid by all tenant companies of Tehnološki park Vinkovci. The price consists of 6 EUR for the lease and 2 EUR for overhead expenses per m²
  • The first year of business activities will amount to 0% of 6 EUR/m², which is 0 EUR/m², etc.